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StudyProf Flash Cards

StudyProf Flash Cards is a modern study tool that lets you create and study flash cards on your PC. With StudyProf you can study your cards according to the Leitner cardbox principle. The built-in study calendar helps you organize study sessions so that

PrismaCards  v.3 32

PrismaCards is a vocabulary trainer based on the flash cards principle. Flashcards are scientifically proven to be one of the best ways to learn. PrismaCards lets you choose between the classic flash card system and an improved system.


JVLT (Vocabulary Learning Tool)  v.1.3.2

jVLT is java Vocabulary Learning Tool, A vocabulary learning tool. jVLT is a vocabulary learning tool. Examples containing one or many of the vocabulary words may be specified.

Simple Learning  v.

simple learning is a sophisticated and easy to use learning app for your own educational content such as vocabularies, definitions, synonyms, or technical terms. With help of simple learning you can prepare for exams and tests and you can train your

Ratmania  v.1 3

Mankind at its' border of annihilation under the phantom menace of the rising Rattus Interstellarus Empire. Will you be able to escape the evil claws of Dr.

Fefe  v.

It's a Blogreader for the Blog from Felix von Leitner, nicknamed Fefe. He is a German IT security

The 1895 Murder  v.

Sebastian McCabe Book 3. Popular mystery writer Sebastian McCabe is about to conquer a new world with his Sherlock Holmes play 1895. On opening night, however, his Erin,

Ariel Disney's The Little Mermaid

Relive the magic of the animated Disney classic in this game based on the original story by Hans Christian. You control either Ariel the mermaid or her father, King Triton. In Ariel's adventure, Triton has been kidnapped, and vice versa for the Triton

HarmonicTune  v.0.93

The program HarmonicTune is an general purpose chromatic Instrument Tuner. You should be able to tune nearly every kind of instrument with it (including brass, strings, piano, guitars...).

NightTunes  v.1 1

NightTunes is a sleep timer plugin for iTunes that can automatically turn off, hibernate or send your computer to standby at the end of a playlist.

StudyProf FlashCards  v.3.0.51

StudyProf Flash Cards is a modern study software for creating and studying flashcards on your PC. It comes with a powerful editor to create convincing and attractive flash cards.

Orbitron  v.3 71

Orbitron 3.71is a satellite tracking system for radio amateur and observing purposes. The program can be also used by weather professionals, satellite communication users, astronomers, UFO hobbyist and astrologers.

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